Today is a Lingerie special, we have, From tit tape to spanx the ultimate guide to wedding-day underwear, Best bridal lingerie, A quick guide to bridal lingerie, What to wear under your wedding dress, The best bridal destinations.


1 – From Tit Tape To Spanx The Ultimate Guide To Wedding-Day Underwear

Bridalwear designer Sabina Motasem has spent eight years making slinky, form-fitting, wedding dresses. Over the years, she has built up a dossier of tips for perfect wedding underwear. (Warning: what follows isn’t always pretty – but it works)

2 – Best Bridal Lingerie, 287 Items To View

From downright boring to super racy, Brides magazine have put together a collection of 287 stunning bridal lingerie items

3 – A Quick Guide To Bridal Lingerie, What To Wear Under Your Dress

Scary but true: The wrong undergarments can totally ruin the look of your gorgeous wedding gown. Shopping for bras and underwear might not be as exciting as finding your dream dress, but don’t overlook the importance of these foundation pieces (they’re called that for a reason!).

4 – What To Wear Under Your Wedding Dress

When you’re wearing a bridal gown, whether a heavy duchess satin meringue with layers of underskirts or a slinkier number, it’s important to find the right underwear. So where do you start?

5 – The Best Bridal Underwear Destinations

Now that you have all that information on what to wear under your dress, its time to get shopping, here are the best bridal underwear shops. Includes, Agent Provocateur, Harrods, Rigby and Peller, Selfridges, John Lewis.

5 Must Read Wedding Lingerie Articles 7 October
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