Today, Wedding hair inspiration, 25 Best Coloured Wedding Dresses For The Fine Art Bride, 25 Best Bridesmaid Dresses For The Fine Art Bride, Exotic Wedding Inspiration In Thailand, Etiquette, Tradition And All The Wedding Rules 21st Century Couples Can Break

1. Wedding Hair Inspiration

Some fantastic Wedding Hair Inspiration over at Wedding Sparrow, Inspired by a pensive wedding day morning, stylist Kylie Swanson and film photographer Heather Hawkins Photography teamed up to create clean, simple Fine Art pretty. We feel especially inspired by the stunning undo by Samantha Landis paired with the luxe Samuelle Couture gown…

2. 25 Best Coloured Wedding Dresses For The Fine Art Bride

Only for the true fine art brides, 25 of the best coloured wedding dresses. Ranging from rich and vibrant blues to barely-there creams, we’ve searched high and low for our brides and rounded up our favorites. These gorgeous gowns are sure to inspire brides near and far so get those Pinterest boards ready!

3. 25 Best Bridesmaid Dresses For The Fine Art Bride

The link above has the most beautiful wedding dresses, but what about your bridesmaid, follow the link for 25 of the best bridesmaids dresses, Bridesmaid dresses really are a treat to shop for: if you can manage to keep each of your bridesmaids happy, that is. Yes, bridesmaids come in all shapes and sizes and their individual tastes can’t always be easily catered for in one single sitting.

4. Exotic Wedding Inspiration In Thailand

We have an affinity for travel over here at Wedding Sparrow HQ and the more extraordinary shoots we see in the beautiful land of Thailand, the more we want to visit. Here we have an exotic location full of ancient architectural surprises around each corner

5. Etiquette, tradition and all the wedding rules 21st century couples can break!

The question of etiquette came up the other day when I was chatting with brides – specifically, whose name should come first on invitations: his or hers? It inspired me to write a feature about wedding traditions and etiquette – and as you can see from the title, it’s not my favourite thing.


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